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1.7.9 (7)
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August 21, 2015
Android 3.0+
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About Radio FM 90s

An addictive and refreshing game that tests your reflexes and challenges you to go beyond your limits.

The game has a very simple concept. There is a ball in the middle, which you have to prevent from touching anything. Walls with holes will be moving towards the ball, and you have to move them so they can pass the ball without touching it.
Apart from that you also have to score points, by making the ball cross specific lines, but you can also lose points if you cross the wrong ones..?
Will you take the challenge?

The game consists of different difficulties, in which you build up.
Each new difficulty has various features, giving the game more variations.
The game is never-ending and thus challenges you to break your own high scores.

The game controls are very simple; touch right and left to move the walls to make way for the ball!
The direction of movement can be a little controversial, so there is an option in the settings with which you can choose your preferred direction.

With a smooth and slick design, the app has a friendly and comfortable interface.
The game also randomly varies in colors. Currently four colors are supported.
There is an option to choose just one color instead of random ones.

What's New in this version

LAST update for a while!

* Important addition to the tutorial

* Added a small acceleration to the wall movement

* Option to invert the controls (available in the settings on the main menu)