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  • Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator & Mega Transport Screenshot
  • Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator & Mega Transport Screenshot
  • Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator & Mega Transport Screenshot
  • Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator & Mega Transport Screenshot
  • Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator & Mega Transport Screenshot

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Drive in this multi transport tasks on uphill off-road environment. This American truck is to be taken to multiple suburban destinations like mega factory where you have to be a heavy machinery operator. Yes be a loader of carton boxes which are ready for disposal & also steer heavy excavator. Once the giant trailer is loaded with cargo supply in container .. your driving skills test will start by moving around in city streets .. which are narrow & small .. not enough for an ordinary driver to steer the huge vehicle sim.

Yes this mania is not about realistic rotation of heavy goods vehicle on only lush green environment with giant highway roads ..but has rugged terrain of in sub-urban areas to take cargo truck sim to. Just pick up heavy goods from one warehouse near busy city & supply your boxes to business tycoons waiting for your delivery shipment in multi truck to be on time like Xtreme pro.

Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator - In this Transport adventure avoid deadly transport crash as it may make oil tanker of the vehicle burst. And burn the euro trucker into ashes. Do not damage expensive materials in your metal container of articulated lorry. Steer 18-wheeler trailer with utter precision driving & make goods supplier happy with your punctual delivery. This heavy road vehicle has smooth controls which will add a thrilling experience to your ride & do not practice stunts in this 3D sim .. as you can hit any citizen crossing the way.

At high speed on rough tracks .. friction ignites particles .. making tyres hot .. so go to service station for re-fueling the vehicle & wheels repairing. Yes do not make your transport purpose be halted with any discrepancy caused because of incomplete mechanic repair. This 3D simulation is hence complete master driving experience for semi trailer to be driven on tough tracks & sharp turns. Riding heavy trucks is not easy as visibility of tail of your mobile is not that clear .. but use your multi skills to be fast transporter in cargo delivery.

Its your job to lead Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator with troops awaiting near parking spots at multiple locations. Do not let your supplier agents to make a fuss & chaos for your boss who has hired you with your talent in smart parking. So enjoy this hill city adventure with amazing 3D graphics of transporter truck.

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