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1.0.3 (4)
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September 14, 2015
Android 2.3.2+
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You are running for your life and chased by hordes of undead skeleton pirates, which you just summoned from the afterlife. Pirates Don’t Run is an action packed story driven endless runner you've never seen before.

You must run through diverse and evolving environments and avoid dangerous obstacles. Collect coins and make your escape easier by upgrades and power ups.

Read an exclusive digital comic book telling a thrilling story of our hero characters adventures in the world filled with pirate myths and legends. Play the game and unlock the whole epic story!

Collectable cards presents unique artwork and exciting information about the world of Pirates Don’t Run. Play the game and find these beautiful cards from the road. Collect the whole set and earn very special collector status unlocking secret collector’s cards.

Ranking system supports multiple players making local competitions possible. Try to beat your friend's record or just go for your own highscore. Rankings are saved in multiple categories.

- Exciting single player.
- Multiple playable characters.
- Continuously evolving game world.
- Comic book telling an epic story.
- Collectable cards expanding the story and the world.
- Achievements.
- Upgrade system & power ups.
- Rankings & statistics in multiple categories.
- Thrilling audio track.

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Ads are now correctly removed after in-app purchase.