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November 04, 2017
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September 21, 2017
Android 4.1+
  • Seahawks City Police Pursuit Screenshot
  • Seahawks City Police Pursuit Screenshot
  • Seahawks City Police Pursuit Screenshot
  • Seahawks City Police Pursuit Screenshot
  • Seahawks City Police Pursuit Screenshot
  • Seahawks City Police Pursuit Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

It’s a police car chase game where you are the criminal or cop.


Here, it's a car escape game where you're troublemaker criminal racer after committed a theft generating a mayhem in the city: you 've the need for running away from the cops in a real escape race. The police will try smash your car to arrest you.

The cop detector and radar are on, their checking on town streets. The police patrol have random routes. As long as there are no cops on the horizon, you can be the car driver that can go at crazy high speeds for game credits. The police can pull you over if you exceed the allowed speed or if you'll crashing into any cop car; then, you'll be the most wanted of the nation and they'll go hunting to you.

While police chasing you, you must driving fast as lightning of heat. When you reach good distance of them, the hot pursuit has finished and your job is done. But, if the cop forces arrested you, you failed to done the felons works and must pay a furious traffic ticket.

A tip: don't stop at moment of crash the cop car, escape will be more hard. So, do not worry if the trunk drops and get out fast before you're arrested: drift away making a drag or any stunts shortcuts or try flying.


Here, it's a police car chasing game: you must beat and catch thief in a high speed pursuit as a police car driver.

The gangster of russian mafia just committed a crime stealing a car and drives among the traffic like unstoppable train on the freeway. Then, he crashes into you and the hot police chase starts. How to stop the criminals after the theft? crushing it to damage it health until the robber surrender. Pursue flying at high speeds to catch thief.

A tip, the robber's stop lights help you know how far the felon is. Turns on the police sirens and blinking lights to thunderstruck to thief.


It’s our deadly racing mode. Find the red markers to play and win the 13 deadly races distributed around the city. Are you stressed out? Forget the criminal mayhem and the undercover escapes of troublemaker gangsters.


Choose and test drive all super cars. More than 40 vehicles (+ 8 cop cars). We've the americans muscle car and a lot of city GT supercars for felonies with a medium experience. And the best: xtreme luxury sports cars to beat the police force. As well, we've around 8 representative 4x4 offroads SUV and grand pickups.


This gangsters paradise is a sandbox, an open world and simulates a heat day. The town streets are of surfaces like asphalt, sand, grass. The visual horizon are reduced due to the density of buildings.

Roads: highway, one way or two ways roads. Obstacles, traffic lights n signs.

Zones: parking, football and tennis field, classic, factory, houses, skyscrapers, parks.


Play online with cars of multiple players and try unlimited death race with others unbeatable racers of occasion. Easily going into an auto-match.

Go from a tiny little pickpocket to an unstoppable and unbeatable thief. Or you can be the most grand cop of the future and become in ultimate thief catcher by winning police pursuits.

Relieves racing fever with an hot pursuit of the type of police vs. thief. When you're bored in the car without internet and you not want to stop your pursuit of happiness, then, is a good moment to enjoy of police chasing games.

Bring us to top by playing chases and feels the adrenaline of the car racing while cops pursuing thieves. It's a thief and police chase game.


- Drift away, drag, smash, stunts to play well hot chaces
- FX: burnout, sounds, smoke on fire, tire asphalt marks
- Speedometer, map, radar, rear view, siren, race and racer stats
- Cockpit view with steering wheels to feel the chace racing in car

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