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v1.1.7 (Updated)
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July 24, 2014
Android 2.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Solitaire Diamond Premium offers you 3 Solitaire card games: Freecell, Spider, and Classic Solitaire ("Klondike") in a complete, nice, and easy to use application.
Play on your phone or tablets the games you already love (Windows card games for example).
Specially optimized for Android phones and tablets of all screen sizes, this complete and easy to use game will make you spend pleasant moments, helping you to get relaxed. Let yourself go!
You can use any picture, photo, or color you like in the game to entirely personalize it (cards, background mat, …)
Suitable for all players, some new difficulty levels were added compared to other classic solitaires.
Main features:
- Freecell Solitaire game (3 difficulty levels)
- Spider Solitaire game (5 difficulty levels)
- Classic Solitaire game ("Klondike") (4 difficulty levels)
- No advertisement
- Works nice in landscape and portrait
- Statistics (number of won/lost games, points, time, number of moves, ...)
- Hints available during game
- Auto-finish feature (finishes game when it is almost completed)
- Undo/redo
- Games rules
- Customizable Colors/Images (with your own colors/photos)
- Scores
- Can save multiple games (i.e. several players allowed)
- Works nice on phone and tablets
- Automatic game save in case of interruption
- Left/Right handed layouts
- Great number of options (ergonomics, display, preferences, ...)
- Import/Export of all game options from/to SD card
- Can be installed on SD card or on device


Application asks for Permission "Internet access" in order to check for application updates.

Despite all the hard work testing this game, please send us a mail ([email protected]) in case of bug.
USERS HAVING PROBLEM WITH BACKGROUND IMAGE CHANGE: please contact us ([email protected]) we can't reproduce this bug, but have fixed something that should now prevent app crash.

What's New in this version

- Improved graphics performances (now much smoother)

- Cards are now spaced enough between each other on high-resolution devices (vertical space between cards was too small on some high-resolution devices, so it could be hard to see the underlying card value)

- Freecell: game was considered lost when the only possible move was a card left alone on a column that could be moved to a foundation pile

- Fixed crashes: mat background change, device rotation

- Added high-resolution logo