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1.0 (Updated)
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July 08, 2017
Android 4.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Choose your key from your friends car or car keychain. Walk along the street and open the car. Turn up the panic, play out your friends and just passers-by. With a key fob, you can turn on the alarm or open, close the doors of your car or just other cars.
Like adults and children especially! Download the application, give the child and youll see how he likes to have his own car key! In the application there are buttons that need to be pressed and you will hear a beep.
The key from any machine is a simulator joke game, a real Keychain keychain closing and opening the car doors. Do you like cars very much? Do you want to surprise your friends with your cool car? Or pretend to open a police, fire or other official car? Try to make fun of a friend! In our simulator, the key to the cars is a siren, to open, to close the doors.
The simulator of standard car alarm is made for entertainment. Do the kind that you can open and close any car. The game uses different types of key fobs and the real sound of closing the doors.

Attention: the game Key from any machine is an exceptionally joke and can not open machines and do harm.

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