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July 31, 2016
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  • AEVPS (Automatic EVP Session) Screenshot
  • AEVPS (Automatic EVP Session) Screenshot
  • AEVPS (Automatic EVP Session) Screenshot
  • AEVPS (Automatic EVP Session) Screenshot
  • AEVPS (Automatic EVP Session) Screenshot
  • AEVPS (Automatic EVP Session) Screenshot
  • AEVPS (Automatic EVP Session) Screenshot

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**** IF YOU PURCHASE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PERMISSIONS ON YOUR DEVICE SET TO "ALLOW" *** If you need help with this please email me. :)

How would you like to go to a haunted place and be able to do many things at once, or maybe go to bed and at the same time have an EVP Session lasting for hours? The AEVPS does just that and A LOT more. It has the ability to customize it any way you want. Whether you are a professional investigator working with clients or an amateur investigator just starting out, this app will help ALL ghost hunters get the answers they need. Although results are not always guaranteed, the many that have used this have been very happy with the result.
Features Include:

* 30 built in questions - (180+ TOTAL Questions programmed in)

* 6 REAL voices (Male Child, Female Child, Male Adult, Female Adult, Old Male, Old Female)

* Spots to add and name your own questions when needed

* Customize time between questions 1 to 60 seconds

* Customize the time of the session either by minutes, hours or until you want to manually shut it off

* Area to review and mark the spots in your audio where you may have captured a ghost, entity, spirit, or something else

* Logs created of your session to download or email.

* Easy built in access to files for ease of use and more...

Very simple to use and videos to help you every step of the way, which includes tips that have been successful for us. This has been tested many times with fantastic results. This is compatible with all our other apps. (Ghost Catcher Camera, Paranormal Activity Logger, Spirit Light) (all of which have held over 4-star ratings since being released) and even ones that we did not make. It is like having a professional group of investigators in your pocket.

Basic instructions for running a session.

1. Open the App
2. Pick only what questions you want or pick all (total of 180 you can use and even add more of your own)
3. Set your time for the session and time between questions
4. Hit Start

It can be used anywhere by anybody and stores easy to find files directly on your phone.

When you have questions, do not be surprised that "they" may have answers. Find out who they are, how they died, why they are there, what they want, good or evil, and even if they are human or inhuman (demon) along with many more questions to answers you may be searching for.

Always remember SPIRIT when investigating: Safe, Professional, Integrity, Respect, Inquisitive, and Truthful.

Enjoy the AEVPS, be safe, and most importantly HAVE FUN,

Happy Investigating

Ed - Paratools

For any questions or comments, you may have, please feel free to email us at or go to our website at

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