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1.04 (Updated)
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January 09, 2014
Android 2.2 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

It is so easy to get out of your car and be thinking of anything else, but where you have parked. Auto Parking Reminder Pro is the most advanced car parking application that will automatically remember where you parked and save your altitude.
Unlike other parking apps which require you to push a button to store your location, Auto Parking Reminder will do this for you without you even knowing it has happened.

Auto Parking Reminder has recently been updated. It will remember what altitude your car was parked at. With a simple display on the side of the map you will be able to tell what level you have parked on. If you are on the same level as your car, the display will show a symbol of a person and car at the same height. If you are not on the same level the display will show if you are below or above your cars parking location. So now you can even find your car in multilevel car parks.

Available in over forty different languages, Auto Parking Reminder will allow you to make a note, take a picture and even set a time limit, so those annoying parking police will never bother you again.

How does it work?

When you get into your Bluetooth equipped car, Auto Parking Reminder will detect that you are in your car. When you get out of the car, Auto Parking Reminder will detect that you have disconnected your cars Bluetooth device and mark your location. You don't have to remember to do anything, Auto Parking Reminder will store this location and whenever you have forgotten where or what level you have parked on, Auto Parking Reminder will have that location saved for you.

Unlike other apps that run in the background of your phone services, Auto Parking Reminder has been designed to not drain your battery. It will only use your battery for the brief second when it detects you have parked your car or when you are actually using the app. You will not notice any significant battery use.

How to use

1. Go to settings and select your language and the Bluetooth device in your car. That is all you need to do to setup.

2. Now whenever you have forgotten where you park, just push where did I park. Easy

For Auto Parking Reminder to work correctly you need to have a Bluetooth device in your car. If you don’t it won’t be able to automatically remember where you parked, but you will still be able to use all the other features on the app.

Android version three or higher is required.

The GPS on your phone is not always accurate and Auto Parking Reminder can only be as accurate as the GPS signal on your phone allows it to be.

Auto Parking Reminder needs to be running in the background if you close the app in the app manager it will not be able to notify you automatically, where you have parked.

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What's New in this version

Ability to save your altitude. Now you will even know what level you are parked on!

Will remember your location automatically

Available in over forty languages