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Sinks have existed for centuries mainly because of their usefulness. But now those days are gone when they were only used for their utility and now they are used for giving a refreshing look to your bathroom. A lot of people now days want to turn their old and dull-looking bathrooms into elegant and stunning spaces... a place to showcase their decorative tastes and designer prowess.

However, those with small bathrooms often find it difficult to remodel and design due to the limited amount of square footage they have to work with. Those dealing with this limited space may want to upgrade their sinks, install additional storage compartments, or utilize beautiful bathroom vanities, but are hindered by the possibility of overcrowding the bathroom. Often times they are left with tasteless minor solutions like paint jobs or replacing small shelves or cabinets. This is where the corner sink comes into play.

The corner sink has always been the best choice for those people who need to work with small or limited spaces in their bathroom. Those who want to remodel their small bathroom often prefer to install a corner sink because this option saves space in the smaller bathroom in comparison to other sinks.

In order to take full advantage of the corner unit, you have to know how to install and position them. Firstly, you have to install them on a pedestal or under the counter top similar to other sinks. Normally they are wall mounted. Another advantage is that if you wall mount them then the space under the sink remains vacant. So, you can place some trash can in the vacant area under the sink or else you can leave them vacant.

These corner sinks are not only perfect for smaller bathroom but they also perform well in the large bathroom as well. They are available in various designs and models, some of them are: Fair Mount 26" Traditional collection Corner Sink, Herbeau 0106-20 Carline Vitreous China Corner Sink, and St. Thomas Creations Barcelona Corner sink etc. They are only available in triangular shape. Apart from this they are available in various colors and patterns. But it is recommended that you should only select the one that perfectly blends with the theme of your bathroom.

The overall attractiveness of your bathroom can be influenced greatly by the bathroom sink cabinet in the room, and these cabinets serve a useful purpose as well. There are a variety of cabinet styles to choose from, and a number of wood types are suitable for their construction. There may be either a counter top with a drop-in sink, or a sink top included with these built-in cabinets. Bathroom sink cabinets have been in use from the time that modern plumbing was invented.

In their earliest days, bathroom sink cabinets were constructed to hold a vessel sink, and serve as a piece of furniture. Over the vessel sink bowl, a valve or faucet would be located. There were no plumbing lines leading from this bowl, therefore, it had to be emptied manually. A bowl and pitcher sitting on a washstand, was the predecessor to this bathroom sink cabinet.

The bathroom sink cabinet became a built-in feature of the bathroom, with the advent of modern plumbing, which allowed a water supply line, as well as a waste line to be installed. This meant that waste water exited the sink through the new technology of hard plumbing. There are a variety of tops that are appropriate for these bathroom sink cabinets. A drop-in sink could be housed in a top made of granite, laminate, tile, wood, or other material. Another alternative is to top these cabinets with a counter top and sink that are a single unit.

There are quite a few wood choices that will be appropriate for the construction of this cabinet, and your selection may be based on the decor that is already present in the room. It is not necessary to consider the decor throughout the rest of your home when planning your cabinet, as the bathroom can have a feel and look of it's own.

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