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1.0.0 (Updated)
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July 31, 2013
Android 1.6 and up
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  • Moe-TV (Suzumi Minase) CV:Rie Screenshot
  • Moe-TV (Suzumi Minase) CV:Rie Screenshot
  • Moe-TV (Suzumi Minase) CV:Rie Screenshot
  • Moe-TV (Suzumi Minase) CV:Rie Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Here comes the new App, “Moe-TV”!
Starting service of daily weather forecast and fortune-telling, announced by gorgeous and unique voice artists.

- Suzumi Minase CV: Rie Kugimiya
She is a student returned from abroad and is known as a true Tsundere*, who is very popular for male audiences
*“Tsundere” is a kind of girl who is a cool and bad-tempered in the beginning, but becomes sweet and lovely once she gets to know each other.
We wonder if the smile she shows on TV once in a while is all calculated...
She speaks fluent English as she spent her childhood in abroad.
Sometimes she misses the point because she struggles on with Japanese culture.
She relatively gets along with female announcers, but not with males.

“Moe-TV” App provides service for not only today/tomorrow’s weather news by gorgeous voice artists but also weekly and every 3-hour detailed weather forecast about user’s set-up spots announced by their voice.
They also tell your fortune everyday, differently by each character.

In addition to above, using this App continuously unveils rare voice in various terms.
Explore the App and find some hidden rare voice!

Main Function/Special Feature
[Basic Function]
This App provides weather forecast and fortune-telling announced by gorgeous voice artists.
A weather forecast is based on the announcement of the latest information.
Fortune–telling is read differently by each character.

[Weather Forecast]
-Indicate today/tomorrow’s weather of the whole country.
-Indicate today/tomorrow’s weather of user’s set-up spots.
-Indicate every 3-hour weather forecast of user’s set-up spots.
-Indicate weekly weather in user’s set-up spots.

-Shows your today’s fortune by user’s set-up birthday or blood type.

[Other Function]
-Introduce character’s profile.
-Shows user information of the App.
-Function of re-set for user’s set-up spots. birthday, and blood type.
-Function of change for the order of playing a weather forecast.

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