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1.2.3 (Updated)
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August 17, 2017
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About Radio FM 90s

Eclipse2017, your companion and guide to the great American total solar eclipse of 2017 August 21!
Learn, how to observe this eclipse and where you will find the best observation places. Although a bit of the eclipse will be seen from the entire North american continent, northern parts of South America, the Northern Pacific and Atlantic and small parts of Europe and Asia, you will get the best eclipse experience only in a narrow corridor. This app will guide you to the best places to enjoy this wonderful total eclipse and tells you what you need to observe it safely!

The app informs you about the exact timings of the eclipse based on your individual GPS or network position. It will show you a map with the entire eclipse path, giving you details on times and local circumstances. Even before the eclipse you can see an animation of the event as it will be seen from your location. When the eclipse is in progress, it will show a realtime animation of the celestial event. You will hear acoustic announcements of important stages of the eclipse and see a countdown on your display. Search your favorite location from a huge database or from the map or simply use your actual device position.

For each selected location you will see in the animation how the eclipse will look like. With this animation, you can compare the aspect of the eclipse from your location to any other location or important places like the point of maximum eclipse.

To select your best viewing spot the app provides an augmented reality view. The progress of the eclipse is projected onto a life camera picture of your device. So you can avoid blocking out your view by trees or buildings and select the best place to enjoy the entire eclipse.

To be reminded of the eclipse you can add the calculated timings to your personal android calendar. From the menu you get direct links to weather prospect websites for your location.

Beginners are given hints, how to observe the eclipse safely and which phenomena can be observed.

Engaged amateur astronomers will enjoy a screen with detailed information of the local circumstances of the eclipse.

Available languages:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Malaysian, Indonesian.

Required Permissions:
- Exact location: For site-specific calculations of the contact times.
- Internet Access: Maps, weather services, online selection, network based localization of an observation site.
- SD card access: Storing settings, event lists, logs and locations coordinates for offline search.
- Hardware controls: Camera. Required for AR
- Your Account - Read Google service configuration: Needed for the Google maps module

What's New in this version

1.2.3 bugfixes

1.2.1 minor language improvements, Spanish completed, bugfix

1.2.0 Hint to path limit distance, minor layout corrections, bugfixes and improvements

1.1.2 improved refraction corrected path limits, bugfixes

1.1.1 Tablet layout bug fixed

1.1.0 Layout improvements, Observation hints, minor bugfixes

1.0.0 MapQuest maps replaced

0.9.5 Refraction applied in map. Bugfix: Take position from map fixe