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About Radio FM 90s

Emergency Alert is a useful tool for alerting you to urgent events via SMS, even when your phone is on silent. You can even set up your own rules which can be triggered with SMS messages that start or contain text, or that are from a specific number.

A useful application for the following scenarios:
- Business continuity
- Urgent notifications from friends or family
- Disaster notifications - Earthquakes, flood alerts and security threats. Please note however that the app also does not provide alerts from your local emergency service providers after installation. If you receive SMS alerts regarding tornadoes, flooding or earthquakes, you must manually create a rule to alert you when you receive these messages.

The application listens out to specially formatted SMS messages - when triggered, the app can alert you one of three ways:

Green Alert - This alert simply displays a popup message from the sender.

Yellow Alert - This alert will vibrate until dismissed, allowing you to be quietly notified of an urgent matter.

Red Alert - This alert will alert you with a loud alarm and vibration until dismissed, even if the device is on silent with media volume turned down.

To trigger the rules, the sender or automated alert system needs to be aware of the text to add at the beginning of the SMS message:

**redalert**, **yellowalert**, or **greenalert**. Any text sent after the alert status will be displayed in the popup on the screen. See the screenshots for example.

The app is also intelligent - if you have a headset plugged in, it will use the current volume so you aren't deafened! Without headphones, the alert will play at full volume through the speaker, ensuring you won't miss an alert.

Please Note: Other apps that intercept SMS messages may affect the alert - please test on your device after installation to ensure it is working with your set up.

What's New in this version

- Added ability to disable built in rules from settings