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1.0.10 (Updated)
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February 12, 2013
Android 4.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

★★★★★ This dictionary is only available on lg phones.
(Not available on Samsung phones) ★★★★★
Please do not purchase any further updates.

* QTranslator cannot be supported after G Pro 2.
* You cannot use and purchase TTS(Text-to-speech).


1. This dictionary app is only supported on LG mobile devices with QTranslator or Dictionary v3.0 installed. It cannot be run standalone.

2. When using this app with QTranslator, just aim the camera to the chosen word and you get a translation immediately anytime and anywhere.

▶ Reliable Dictionary ◀
Obunsha PocketComprehensive (ENG->JAP)
- comprehensive English-Japanese dictionary suited to learners of both English and Japanese.
- 35,945 English to Japanese entries.
- clearly presented word entries with a wealth of phrases and examples.
- an abundance of grammatical information including irregular verb and nouns forms.
- updated to cover the latest vocabulary in Japanese and English ranging from literary & technical language to slang.

▶ QTranslator Special Features ◀

● Auto translation
- Provides a translation immediately when the camera is aimed to the chosen word
- Translates words, phrases, and sentences (phrase/sentence translation is powered by Google Translate)

● Largest number of languages supported
- Up to 44 languages are recognizable by the camera
- Translation of up to 64 languages (powered by Google Translate)

● Perfectly works with Dictionary v3.0
- Saves the words translated by QTranslator in Dictionary's Wordbook (flash card)
- Repeated practice using flash cards
① Cradle mode: provides pronunciation to help memorize words effectively
② Study mode: helps to enjoy memorizing words with OX quiz

■ CS center : support@selvasai.com

Our company name is now 'SELVAS AI' officially changed from DIOTEK.
The new name reflects our dedication to Artificial Intelligence technology, all of us at SELVAS AI strive to do our best for our customers.

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