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1.1.7 (Updated)
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September 25, 2013
Android 2.1 and up
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot
  • Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

All in One Ghost Hunter App!

Why pay MORE for other Ghost Hunting Apps that offer LESS?

CAUTION - This application leverages sensors and frequencies that may disturb paranormal energies and disturb unknown entities. Please use with caution. This app is for entertainment purposes only, enjoy!

Includes FIVE paranormal detection apps in one!

EMF Detector
Electromagnetic Frequency Detector uses the sensorometer and the built in magnetic frequency detector in your mobile device to detect paranormal field readings with the same accuracy as heavy equipment that costs thousands of dollars! A must have for every paranormal investigator!

Paranormal Visual Scanner
The only one of its kind! The Visual Scanner employs several complex algorithms which compute live data from the electromagnetic frequencies, the barometer, and hardware field sensors. This allows the Scanner to produce actual visual displays of disturbances as they occur!

WARNING - Please exercise caution when approaching intense fields of activity as not all paranormal entities are friendly.

EVP Detector
Capture white noise in real time with the EVP Detector! No need for playback and analysis, the EVP detector has a built in analysis detection engine that interprets anomalous audio traffic and plays feedback in real time. This allows actual conversations with paranormal entities in real time!

(NEW) RECORD EVP to SDCARD. This EVP Detector allows for up to 6 long term EVP recordings to be saved to the SD Card. The recordings can be played back immediately with the play button or specific recordings can be played back for analysis or deleted by using the corresponding menu button."

(NEW) The Advanced Analysis EVP detector allows advanced and immediate analysis of EVP recordings. Recordings are saved to the device's memory bufer and can be played back at 9 various frequencies and speeds including reverse playback at 3 different frequencies! Best for use with short recordings in highly paranormal areas, longer recordings increases chances of force close error depending on the individual device's buffer space

(NEW) Spirit Board - a ouija like board that uses sensor detection to answer Yes and No questions posed to it.

The Map displays your present location as well as all of the established haunted locations in your area on a map for easy navigation. Locations are represented by graphics and background information on the various haunts. Map locations will be continuously updated so be sure to check for new locations as they arrive!

This app is for entertainment purposes only and the developer is not responsible for unforeseen paranormal activities and results.

If you like this APP please rate it or leave a comment! It is greatly appreciated!

If you dislike, are unhappy with, or believe this app to be the worst thing to ever happen to you in your life then please contact the developer, We have ALWAYS issued a COMPLETE refund whenever requested and strive to make this APP as fun and satisfying as it can possibly be.

What's New in this version

Rel 1.1.7

Maps support for more mobile devices

Rel 1.1.5

As requested...

EVP Playback bug fixed, player stops at end of playback and second counts shown for each recording.