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An excellent app for planning your gluten free meals prior to going on your Disney vacation and for finding a great gluten free dining experience once you get there.

NOTE: Menus within this app are updated regularly as new information comes to us. The publish date of this app may be from a while ago but the menus are updated often and update automatically when you launch the app.

We all know that in order to get a seat at your favorite Disney restaurants, you need to make reservations 6 months in advance. Gluten Free Disney Dining helps you decide where a good gluten free meal is available and then make knowledgeable decisions for reservations. No more waiting until you get there to see what gluten free choices will be available.

Over 300 menus with gluten free dining options for:

Walt Disney World in Florida


Disneyland in California

To see every screenshot from this app except the actual menus (there is a sampling of menus) and a demo video, please go to

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This app was born from a personal need for being able to plan gluten free meals and having a safe dining experience while vacationing at a Disney Property. It is for those looking for Gluten-free dining options only. No other food allergies are included within this app. The Walt Disney Company has embraced and accepted the special needs of those with food allergies. They provide many choices for those who either choose or need to avoid wheat products in their food. The one problem that I found is that we were never sure of what gluten free offerings would be available at the restaurants and resorts that we visited. Worry no more; making reservations has just gotten a lot easier!
With just a few swipes of your finger, you will be able to see what gluten-free offerings are available at virtually every eating-place at Disney World Florida AND Disneyland California. More than 300 menus in all. Future, free updates will get better and better and will eventually include other Disney properties. We've also started to expand all of the menus to include a description of each dining choice where applicable. The content will be updated as needed to keep the information within the app as current as possible.
The information contained within this app comes from personal experiences from many visits to different Disney properties as well as information provided from the restaurants themselves. This app should be used as a general guide only because gluten free choices change frequently. For the best user experience, use on a device with a wifi or cellular data connection.

The Walt Disney Company and all things Disney are registered and trademarked and in no way affiliated with this app.

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