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1.4 (Updated)
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September 27, 2013
Android 1.6 and up
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Time Card App - .Hours - Time Clock/Card Pro
Created by The-App.co
The traditional employee time clock has become a thing of the past
A top-rated, full featured multi-language , multi-client time clock app with all the features you need . This time card app creates a time card that you can email to multiple employers and sends can be done automatically . With GPS location confirmation and real time tracking and automated GPS alerts and logging functions operating in the background Hours was created with simplicity in mind. Simply create clients or jobs, clock in, and instantly view your hours worked, instantly view your current paycheck and instantly send your time card to your employer in CSV. Whether you are a small business, with only 1 or 2 employees, or a large corporation employing tens of thousands of employees in multiple locations you want to know where the time goes. This full featured time clock leaves the competition in the dust
Employees - No more having to fill in your time cards. Save time and money by sending your hours to your boss and now get paid instantly with Go Payment by Intuit, the creators of QuickBooks . Track multiple clients with ease and quickly deliver your hours to the boss without actually having to drive to the office.
Employers - No more crumpled up , hard to read time cards. No more late time cards and excuses. Efficiently track , manage and report your employees time and eliminate "round off" scenarios(where employees go ahead and give that extra 15 minutes a nudge :-)) Time is calculated exactly and is precise to the minute. Save processing time and money getting your time cards on time and in a highly usable form. Time card is sent by email as an attachment. Opening the attachment utilizes your favorite spreadsheet program .
Import your hours Spreadsheet is fully compatible with QuickBooks, Peachtree, Excel, Google Docs and Lotus, as well as many other employee management software's.
On average, our clients see 1 day return on investment - the system pays for itself
Employees and employer alike save time immediately!
Our clients see up to a 80% decrease in payroll processing time
GREEN! Hours is ECO_FRIENDLY - Paper time cards are replaced by digital and think of the gas your saving not having to drive your time card to the boss!
No Battery usage : as a matter of fact , once you log in with one or more of your clients the system runs with the phone on or off!
Secure with automated backups. Whether your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, off-cell cloud backups make your hours secure and your clients information safe.

What's New in this version

Added GPS logging.

Added send capabilities

Added security backups