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Paradox (Security Systems)
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V1.4.28 (*)
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September 08, 2019
Android 4.0 and up
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  • iParadox – Fixed IP Only Screenshot
  • iParadox – Fixed IP Only Screenshot
  • iParadox – Fixed IP Only Screenshot
  • iParadox – Fixed IP Only Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

2016 and older hardware may be upgraded to connect with our paid Swan service (Insite Gold app). Hardware sold past 2016 does not support the iParadox app, and must use the Insite Gold app. In 2019 we will only develop, upgrade and support our Insite Gold app and related server infrastructure.

The iParadox app gives users instant, continual remote access to their property security system turning any Google device into a remote touchscreen.
iParadox provides lots of functionality and information at your fingertips. The multi-lingual iParadox has an intuitive user-interface which enables you to easily connect to your security system and edit its settings. Great features include MultiSite and ByPass Zone tools.

Exclusive to iParadox for Android are the following exciting features:

- Vibrate or Sound upon alarm 
- Portrait and landscape mode support
- Faster connection to site(s)
- Can run in background; allowing users to perform other tasks 
- Zone view types for system/zone status and bypassed zones are remembered
- Can use a language that iParadox supports even if the device does not support it
- Faster/easier navigation between screens; user can tap on screen to go forward/backward instead of using button or keys
- More web-like interface with less dialog pop-ups

iParadox for Android is supported by Android V1.6 and higher, and is compatible with Paradox EVO192 (V2.20 or higher) and all MG5000, MG5050, SP4000, SP5500, SP6000, SP65, and SP7000 systems. Note that for iParadox to function properly, your security system must include the IP100 Internet Module V5.10 or higher or the IP150 Internet Module V1.0.

You can use iParadox for:

Security System Controls 
- If you forget to arm the system before you leave, you can do it remotely 
- To remotely disarm the system to allow service professionals to enter a property
- Receive automatic email notification if there is an alarm 
- Receive notification when the system is disarmed, like when the kids arrive home from school 
- See the current status of the alarm system 
- See if any troubles have occurred in the system 

iParadox will not push alarm status notifications. In order to see if the system is in alarm, the iParadox app must be running.

See paradox.com for more information.

What's New in this version

New Users: ParadoxMyHome End Of Life, new connection works with Fixed IP only.

* Starting October 31st 2019, we will shutdown PMH server for iParadox connections.