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Want to build a college-ready vocabulary? Trying to get a head start on preparing for the SAT, the PSAT, the ACT, or other big exams? You’re in the right place! The Knowsys Vocabulary Flashcards will help you build a great vocabulary FAST—in only a few minutes a day!

The fastest way to learn!

Knowsys groups the words into thematic categories to help you maximize your results and minimize your efforts. With the Knowsys categories, you will learn words in synonym groups like “nature” and “movement” and “money.” This will help you build your vocabulary faster and get the words into your long-term memory.

Track your Mastery!

Simply swipe to indicate if you got the word correct or incorrect. The Knowsys program tracks your swipes and tags the words as “Learned” or “In Progress” based on your level of confidence. Progress Tracking lets you see how you’re doing on the word, the group, and the entire set!

Ready to get started? 

Buy the Knowsys Vocabulary Flashcards app and dive right in to learn the 300 top words for your level.

Looking for another level? 

No problem! Knowsys offers Vocab Flashcards for Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, SAT, and GRE. 

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