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Aarti - collection of gods and goddesses aarti including lakshmi aarti, hanuman aarti, ganesh aarti, sai aarti, vishnu aarti, shiv aarti, durga aarti.
Chalisa - collection of gods and goddesses chalisa including lakshmi chalisa, hanuman chalisa, ganesh chalisa, sai chalisa, vishnu chalisa, shiv chalisa, durga chalisa.
Spiritual Gyaan - A step closer to hinduism. Stories about deity, incarnation, reincarnation, vedas, puranas, ramayana, mahabharat, hindu dharma, karma in Hindi & English. moksha - life after death.
mantra sangrah - Mantras of indian, mantras of all hindu gods, mantras of all indian gods, God mantra including gayatri mantra, mahamritunjay mantra, Sai mantra, ganesh mantra, shani mantra
Vrat Katha - Vrat katha in Hindi, Somvar(Monday) vrat katha, mangalvar(Tuesday) vrat katha, Pradosh vrat katha, Solah Somvar vrat katha

Temple : Information about the temples of India including tirupati, chaar dham.
Gyaan Sansaar: Motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

Information about devta:
Hanuman : Hanuman is incarnation of Lord Shiva.
Hanuman aarti lyrics.
Hanuman chalisa lyrics.

Shiva: (Bhole Nath / mahadev/ shiva)
Shiva is supreme among all gods (devon ke dev mahadev).
Shiva aarti lyrics.
Shiva chalisa lyrics.
Shiva mantra - mahamritunjaya, shiv mantra.

Lakshmi (Lakshmi Maa):
Laksmi is the goddess of wealth.
Lakshmi aarti lyrics.
laxmi chalisa lyrics.

Ganesh (Ganesha Ji / ganpati):
Ganesh aarti lyrics.
ganesh chalisa lyrics.

Durga: (Ambe Maa / Maa Durga Ki aarti)
Durga puja is celebrated mainly in Kolkata. Durga maa is reincarnation of bhagwati.
Durga Aarti.
Durga chalisa lyrics.
Shri ram kripalu aarti

Lord Krishna: Krishna is incarnation of lord vishnu.
Krishna Aarti (Kunj Bihari / Kishan Kanhaiya / Banke Bihari ).
Vishnu aarti lyrics : - Om Jai Jagadish Hare

shani (saturn):
ShaniDev Arti lyrics : - Jaya Jaya shree shanidev

shirdi sai:
Sai Aarti lyrics - om sai naoh nama.

ramayana stories about lord rama, sita and raavana and their prudence.
mahabharat stories about krishna, arjuna, duryodhana and their prudence.

Mpandit offers great knowledge from our Ancient hindu scriptures like Ramcharit Manas, Ved, Puranas, Ramayan, Mahabharat, shiv mahima, Shiv puran, Krishna Mahima, Vishnu puran and many others inluding hindu festivals, pantheon & hinduism stuffs.

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