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December 26, 2017
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About Radio FM 90s

This Prosperity Plan App is a tool to help you specify goals and to develop a plan to reach those goals - you decide. The objective is to maximize your potential personally, professionally, spiritually, and in your relationships. We all have challenges - we should and can still prosper. This App also helps your leadership to support and assist you in reaching your goals.
This App includes goal sheets for the following domains: Personal, Professional, Relationship, and Spiritual. Listed within each domain are suggested categories and examples for each category. Use these categories or feel free to develop your own. Reviewing each domain regularly and tracking your goals is key. You are encouraged to discuss your Prosperity Plan with your family, friends, and leaders. This will assist you in developing, pursuing, and tracking your goals in each of these domains. It is our expectation that each of us will prosper.
Just because you identify goals and develop a plan does not ensure success. Hard work, dedication, perseverance, support and assistance from family, friends, coworkers, and leaders can help you accomplish your goals. Changes in your life may necessitate adding, deleting, or modifying certain goals. Honesty with yourself will be your best guide in choosing and adjusting your goals wisely.
Leaders may use the Prosperity Plan App to assist those they are privileged to lead in developing, specifying, pursuing and achieving their goals. Our App can be a teaching/coaching/mentoring tool to challenge and guide each of us to prosper personally, professionally, spiritually, and in our relationships.
Accomplish our mission/Take care of each other/Take care of our Families are interrelated and inseparable.

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