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  • NJLAW Motor Vehicle - Title 39 Screenshot
  • NJLAW Motor Vehicle - Title 39 Screenshot
  • NJLAW Motor Vehicle - Title 39 Screenshot
  • NJLAW Motor Vehicle - Title 39 Screenshot

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NJLAW Series - Motor Vehicle Laws - Title 39

A complete list of the Title 39 statutes with statute detail information from the State of New Jersey.

***NOTE: ACCESS TO SEARCH - press and hold the multi-tasking (menu) key from within the app to access the hidden menu. enter your search term and press the search button.

This app is designed for police and law enforcement professionals but could be beneficial to those who want to learn more about the laws of the road.

List screen covers all motor vehicle statutes from equipment to moving violations with details and language from the law books of the State of New Jersey.

PLEASE NOTE: This is MORE than just a list, if your select one of the statues listed on the main screen you will see the full text for that listed statute. Search feature is active and can be accessed by pressing the magnifying glass on your android device. Please contact me with any questions.

This is a first release as of 1-15-2011. It is written by a police officer for other police officers and lawyers for ease of use. Please feel free to email any suggestions for improvement!

**ATTN: Users WITHOUT MAGNIFYING GLASS ON PHONE, You can access the search feature by LONG CLICKING on any item on the main screen

**This app now includes a Motor Vehicle points schedule and a list of mandatory court appearance required statutes.

**My latest update to this app provides the user with the option to show the entire (full) title 39 database, or use an alternate condensed (quick) version which lists the most commonly charged statutes. The user can choose between these two in the preferences menu. By default you will be using the quick version.

***NOTE: On newer phones, press and hold the multi-tasking key to access the search feature.

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What's New in this version

6-2-2019 - Updated statute data