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About Radio FM 90s

This reference gives you rapid access to every feat, spell, class, skill, monster and rule in the full Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document. With intuitive indexing and powerful search capability, the reference gets you the information you need quickly so you can get back to the game. Includes rules material from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Advanced Class Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment, Game Mastery Guide, NPC Codex, Monster Codex, Bestiary 1-4 and the Technology Guide.

For other developers: this app has an api that lets you pull up articles from your app. Contact me if you are interested in using it.

The application has tens of thousands of rule snippets allowing you to access feats, spells, monsters, npcs, classes and more. The application allows you to hone in the passages that matter for what’s going on in game now. Every title in every article is a link that lets you just see/bookmark that section. It has a powerful and fast search lets you find the rule you need, quickly.

It also allows you to create bookmark collections. You can bookmark passages that you want quick access to as a GM, while creating other collections for your characters, giving you quick access to the rules that applicable to that character.

This application is Open Source and free. If you have a problem with the application, rather then giving it a low rating, or in addition to it, consider filing an issue, and I will try to fix the issue as soon as possible. You can find the issue tracker on the website by looking to the right, under Pathfinder Open Reference with the link 'issues'.

This application uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Publishing, LLC, which are used under Paizo’s Community Use Policy. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This application is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing. For more information about Paizo’s Community Use Policy, please visit For more information about Paizo Publishing and Paizo products, please visit

Permissions Note:
The internet permission is *only* used for error reports and content problem reporting. This app requires 20 megs of SD card space for the rules DB.


I've had many people contact me about updates for the app. The vast majority of the app's code parses Paizo's Pathfinder Reference Document:

Unfortunately, the last update to that document was in 2016. Paizo used to update it frequently. I've been waiting to see if after they are complete with the starfinder launch if they will go back and start updating that document again. If they do, great. If not, I'm going to have to rewrite that code, which is a substantial undertaking, to parse another system reference document site.

There's way way too much content for a single person to enter in this data by hand, and as the only person working on the project, I've dedicated the time to making sure the parser is solid so that code does the data entry for me.

The starfinder srd is supposed to be coming soon: so I plan on giving it a month or two to see if they start updating the prd before I start the rewrite.

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