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2.5 (27)
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May 23, 2016
Android 2.2+ Froyo (API 8)
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About Radio FM 90s

This app helps you to find where your friends are, monitor the position of your dears, find your stolen or lost phone. You can send and receive messages for free, too. Only an internet connection is needed.
The app is integrated with your phone address book.
How many times have you used your phone to call a friend and ask him: 'where are you?'. With this app you can do the same without making telephone calls.
Simply press a button and choose your friend from your phone contacts: he or she will be notified in real time (using Google Cloud Messaging services) with a request for his/her position; if he/she accepts, you will be able to see each other's position in the map and watch your movements in (almost) real time, until one of you closes the connection.
If you trust a friend, you can also configure your app to automatically accept his/her requests.
In each case, every time your position is sent to someone you'll be notified.
If you know an user's password, you can request his/her position without his/her approval. This is particularly useful in case your phone gets lost or stolen: using another phone you can find the position of the missing one just introducing your password!
You can use this app to send messages, too.
No SMS used, only internet is needed.
Your position is never saved on our servers and is shared only with people you are connected to.

What's New in this version

Added timeout when sending position (always, by default)

Enabled compass in map.

Fixed minor bugs.