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February 16, 2019
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About Radio FM 90s

Pottery Logbook is an electronic diary for the potter.

A mobile Pottery Logbook diary which keeps records of your ceramic pieces. Did you ever had the problem that you have created a nice piece and when looking later onto it then you cannot remember, how much clay or what treatment, what glaze or firing? You are having a class or a workshop and you want to keep a record of what you learn, pieces which are demonstrated.

With the pottery logbook you can make a picture, add name and description. Give it your personal rating to highlight pieces which are good or not so good. Select the clay body or add your own clay bodies to the list. Keep a record of the weight, the dimensions and any slip or other surface treatments. Log information about Glaze applications. Insert information and notes about firing. The Pottery Logbook remembers always the latest entries, so you can quicker insert your information.

The main screen lists all ceramics and offers the user a search functionality. Users can define the foreground and background colour of the application and reset to default colours. With the Share function a ceramics entry can be shared via email with all the details and the pictures of your ceramics to a lot of other social media platforms.

Show your friends via Facebook or Pinterest what beautiful ceramics you have created. One click only.
I am a potter myself and this is the first mobile application I have developed together with my husband. Please let us know any thoughts or ideas to make this tool more helpful for you. We appreciate any feedback! Thanks to the pottery community. We have another project in mind as well to keep record about your firings. We will let you know once it is ready.

New features:
Version 1.2 - Backup to Dropbox
Version 1.3 - Add multiple pictures to show the various steps in the process

Enjoy your pottery !

What's New in this version

Fix for adding multiple photos from camera