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Brandon Hefferan
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1.0.0 (Updated)
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January 16, 2014
Android 2.2 and up
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  • Rally Average Calculator Pro Screenshot
  • Rally Average Calculator Pro Screenshot
  • Rally Average Calculator Pro Screenshot
  • Rally Average Calculator Pro Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Due to the overwhelming success of the Rally Average Calculator (RAC) app, which has been downloaded time and again across the world, we are pleased to announce the release of Rally Average Calculator Pro (RAC Pro)!

With the release of RAC Pro, we have taken the Mobile Rally App to a whole new level.

The first thing you will notice is the beautifully laid out screen data which is optimized for your advantage. As soon as you start using the app you will immediately feel how much time we spent on the details - we sweated the little things!

You will notice straight away how intuitive the app is to use. It  just feels right. But just in case you have a question, we built in an in-app-help system to give you all the gory details of each calculation.

Below is a short introduction to the R.A.C. Pro app. To make sure you get all the information up-front and to give you a feeling of exactly how awesome the Rally Average Calculator Pro is click on the links for the full details of each calculator.

- Calculate averages: This allows you to calculate:

-- Allotted time
-- Average speed
-- Distance

- Calculate start: This allows you to calculate, for yourself, the departure time of a regularity test
- Distance tracker: This allows you to calculate how far you should have theoretically traveled based on the given average speed. It also supports varying average speeds changes during the race.
- Time control check-in: This allows you to calculate:

-- If you are currently on track, early, or late
-- The check-in time
-- Time remaining until check-in
-- Average speed to maintain for accurate check-in

- Trip calibration: This allows you to adjust your tripmaster according to the information supplied by the rally organization.

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