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1.0 (Updated)
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September 25, 2015
Android 4.0.3 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

ATTENTION: This app is intended only for Shibboleth members and requires a security code to access.The security code is found in the Shibboleth members profile on the website. This app is not intended for non Shibboleth members. Non members can download the Travis Martin Weight Loss Podcast and App for free.

This is the older version of the Shibboleth app.It has limited restaurant guide, journal, and a food calculator.The new app, the Shibboleth Journal app, does not have the food calculator. However, the new Shibboleth Journal app does have a food library, restaurant guide, and recipe library. The new journal on the Shibboleth journal app also allows food pictures to be added and synced with the Shibboleth website. We are leaving the Shibboleth lifestyle app available for those who have been using it for quite some time and prefer using it. Please get the new Shibboleth Journal App for expanded functionality.

The Shibboleth lifestyle app is the perfect companion for the Shibboleth lifestyle member.If you are not a member of Shibboleth then we suggest that you participate in before purchasing this application. Non Members only get 2 features with this app.

This application includes daily weight loss motivational videos for Shibboleth non members.It also includes an introductory video.

Members with access will receive the following features as well.

This application includes a food calculator, a journal that syncs with the Shibboleth website journal, and a Fast Food guide. You must be a member of Shibboleth before these features will unlock.

Food Calculator - The Shibboleth website offers thousands of approved products.We scrutinize the nutrition and the ingredients before adding any approved item to our Shibboleth databases. The Food calculator IS NOT intended to replace the Shibboleth website food library, but rather give our members an opportunity to access a simple food calculator that based on the strictest formulas either approved or deny approval of certain categories of foods for our members. The Food Calculator is not as liberal as our Shibboleth databases are but can keep our members safe when they cannot access the Shibboleth website.

Journal - The APP journal offers a quick and easy way to "bite it and write it" without internet access.Later and with internet access our members can sync to the Shibboleth website journal and continue to accumulate member points in a quick and seamless way. Non Shibboleth members cannot sync to our Shibboleth website journal.

Fast Food Guide - The Fast Food guide allows members to access dozens of fast food items that are approved without internet access. There is a description of how to modify Fast Food options in a way that allows our members to eat their favorite fast foods and still stay in Efficient Fat Burning mode. This is an ABRIDGED version of the same feature on the website. Our Shibboleth databases contain huge amounts of information for our members. This APP is not intended to replace our Shibboleth website.

The team here hopes that you enjoy.

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