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July 29, 2015
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About Radio FM 90s

Find cheap cigarette prices

Smoking Buddy helps users find the LOWEST LOCAL PRICE for their preferred brand of CIGARETTES. Search by flavor, brand and distance. Smoking Buddy displays the distance, address, contact info, and price from the closest to the furthest store based on your GPS location. Each price can be updated instantly to provide the most accurate cigarette pricing available. Driving directions to each location powered by Google Maps as well as your devices navigation feature. Special offers such as buy one get one can be found under the Specials tab.

- displays the distance, address, contact info, and price from the closest to the furthest store based on your GPS location
- one touch dialing assistance
- ability to update/share prices instantly
- turn by turn navigation
- special offers

Helpful Tips

To find the lowest price for your favorite cigarettes set your brand under the preferences section and set your distance to the maximum number of miles you wish to search within.

Then press the "Find Cheapest Prices" button at the top.

Once you have the results displayed don't forget you can scroll down for more results. At this point you can select a location for more options such as, "update prices", "map" and "call".

Some Android devices GPS feature doesn't function as well as others. If the app is having trouble determining your GPS location, try killing the app and turning off GPS and then turn GPS back on and re-launch the app. If the problem persists try power cycling your device.

We are counting on the users to update your brands prices. If you see $0.00, it means that no one has yet updated the price for your brand at that location.

When entering a new price, DO NOT include tax. Price before tax only. Everyone is encouraged to update prices and locations but please do not intentionally put incorrect information or you will be banned from using the app.

Please keep in mind Smoking Buddy is very new and still updating our databases with locations and pricing, please assist us in collecting information before leaving a negative review on the Play Store.

If you wish to add a location that sells cigarettes, you must create an account, sign in, and press the "Add Location" button you may then search for you brand, find it at that location and change the price!

If you do not see any results in your search radius please email us with your current zip code and we will update prices and stores in your area as soon as possible.

What's New in this version

v 1.1.1 Fixed bug causing the app to crash on the 'picaso' DG50

v 1.1 For prices that need updating, we changed $0.00 to $-.-- based on user feedback

v 1.0 Can get location using WiFi/GSM as well as GPS.

Start of State wide pricing initiative with location specific overrides

v.9.8 Opened up adding locations and updating prices to registered users.

v.9.7 Small effeciency update.

v.9.6 Multi-threading support introduced.

v.9.4 Adds the ability to see specials near you.