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  • Statistics and Sample Size Pro Screenshot
  • Statistics and Sample Size Pro Screenshot
  • Statistics and Sample Size Pro Screenshot
  • Statistics and Sample Size Pro Screenshot
  • Statistics and Sample Size Pro Screenshot
  • Statistics and Sample Size Pro Screenshot
  • Statistics and Sample Size Pro Screenshot

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Situation 1: You want to calculate sample size but can not access your computer and desktop application. Even you have access to the your computer, you do not know what formula is used by the software. THIS APP CAN HELP YOU. You can now calculate sample size anytime, at anyplace with your handy mobile phone. Impress you colleagues by calculate the sample size for him/her and email him/her the results in one or two minutes.

Situation 2: You conduct a study and want to assign the participants into groups with different techniques: simple random, random block with fixed size, random block with random size,... It is not easy to find a software on a computer to do this. Even professional statistical software such as Stata or SPSS does not have this function. THIS APP CAN HELP YOU. You can assign participant to groups with different techniques. Your results can be emailed to your colleague and they are re-producible.

Situation 3: Your loved ones or your colleagues ask you to conduct a Chi-squared test for him/her using his/her data. You have to open the software on your computer which is not always available and search for the menu or command syntax. It will take you a lot of time. THIS APP CAN HELP YOU. You can download the data file from your email using the mobile phone, open this app and analyze the data in a few minutes. Impress you loved ones and colleagues by email them the results in a few minute after they email you.

Situation 4: You attend a conference and you think that the results presented may be wrong. You can not check these because you do not have the presenter's data. You can not open your computer and the software at the presentation. THIS APP CAN HELP YOU. You can open the app on your mobile phone, enter some summary statistics to conduct a statistical test. For example, you can enter mean and standard deviation of two groups to calculate a t test, or enter A B C D in a 2 x 2 table to calculate Chi-squared test.

Situation 5, 6....n: Explore your self and you will find out how helpful this app is.

This application is a handy tool to calculate sample size for scientific studies as well as doing basic statistics.

- The appearance (or interface): you can now change the app to your favorite color to make it more friendly. In this version, we have Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Red and Grey.

- Sample size calculator: all errors/problems reported by users were fixed. An email function was also added to the Calculate button. You can now email any calculation to your friends or colleagues by press and hold the Calculate button for a while (long press/click).

- In this version, we included a new section: Random Sampling which may be helpful in randomized control trial. You can set the group name (group A, B, C... or group 1, 2, 3...) in the Preferences.

- In the Statistical Calculator, you can do statistics easier. For example, you can enter a, b, c ,d for a 2 x 2 table, calculate Chi-square statistics and obtain the p value in just a few seconds. There are more things for you to explorer, such as t test or linear regression.

- My favorite section is the Statistical Analysis from Data files. Imagine that one day your friends or colleagues email you a data file and ask you for help. What you do is to download the data file and analyze the data in just a few seconds. However, in this version the app only supports .csv file. In the near future, it will definitely support all other data file type (i.e SPSS, Stata, R, EpiData). The next version may have modeling functions. You can download the sample dataset here

Again, do not hesitate to contact me for any problem you may encounter during your time exploring the app. If you have any suggestion, please also let me know.

Thank you and have a great day.

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