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2.1 (Updated)
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March 12, 2016
Android 2.0 and up
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  • Talking Caller ID Talking SMS Screenshot
  • Talking Caller ID Talking SMS Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Talking Caller ID (Talking SMS ) is an app that will speak out the person name or phone number when an incoming call is received on your device.

✔ Speak the caller ID (contact name or phone number) for incoming calls
✔ Read caller ID for incoming text messages
✔ Read out the text message contents
✔ Voice localized in 9 languages:Austrian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Czech, Danish, Swedish (the app itself is not yet localized, only the voice commands for the TTS, help us localize it)
✔ Quiet times (days and time of day)
✔ Change speed and pitch of Text to Speech
✔ Change volume of TTS
✔ Enable in silent mode
✔ Uses Receiver instead of Service - absolute 0 battery drainage, always enabled after reboot

Please check your volume under Android Settings - Sound - Ringtones and Notifications - if it is set at MAX and your ringtone is very loud it could interfere with the speech for the caller id, so we suggest lowering the Ringtones volume down a bit in that case. Please test it with a second phone and find the best setting for your device and ringtone.

Important notes:
- Please test the TTS. On some devices Android will download the needed files - press "Test the voice" when you first open the app.
- 3rd party sms apps could block the incoming SMS notifications. Disable the notifications under the respective settings of those apps or make them default by replacing the default SMS app. Contact us if you need help.

✔ Read contacts - to search for the caller id in contacts
✔ READ_PHONE_STATE - to listen for the incoming calls
✔ Receive and Read SMS - to receive and read the SMS contents and sender ID.


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What's New in this version

Do not Force Close the app or otherwise it will not work and you will have to reopen it!


- fix for _ issue on 4.4 and above


- change volume setting

- stop reading while in a call


- fix for digits being read as numbers

- Increase in volume to MAX!

- Random FC fixes and optimisations reported by users.

- Choose which contacts to read - list of numbers in your contacts to whitelist

- Option to change the text for incoming calls or SMS (more updates to follow)