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About Radio FM 90s

TCA Plus contains the entire 2021 version of the Tennessee Code in an easy to use, well-formatted, searchable form. You can now easily carry the thousands of pages of the Tennessee Code with you everywhere on your phone.

Features include:
*Complete Tennessee Code - All 68 titles and more than 1,000 chapters and 30,000 individual sections.
*No internet connection required
*No ads
*Advanced Search to make it easy to find the relevant law for your situation
*Mark frequently used chapters or individual sections as favorites
*Click any section referenced in the text to see more information - never again wonder what a referenced section actually refers to
*Driver License Types, Restrictions, and Endorsements
*Assign Tags to individual sections to easily find the sections relevant to a particular topic

TCA Plus is perfect for police, attorneys, law students, real estate agents, and everyone that deals with the law in their personal or professional lives.

This app requests the internet and read phone state permission for anonymous analytics. You can opt out of analytics in the settings screen, in which case the app does not use the internet at all.

In-App Purchases
The only in-app purchases available are completely optional "annual supporter" subscriptions that do not alter app functionality in any way. When you buy the app, you get access to the entire app and updates for as long as I can make them.

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