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Vivid Medical, Inc.
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6.1.0 (*)
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May 04, 2019
Android 4.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

VividVision supports the display of the video image of a USB connected VividTrac (VT-A100 and VT-P100) single-use video laryngoscope device. After startup of the application, VividVision has the capability to auto-detect the VividTrac device upon plug-in, and display the video image automatically. VividVision supports video recording, and the ability to save snapshot images on the Android device as needed.

+ USB OTG (On-The-Go) support is required.
+ Android 4.4.2 or greater

Unless you have a full size USB port on your device, you will require a USB OTG Adapter cable to connect the VividTrac. Without OTG support your device will not be able to download the app from Google Play. USB OTG cables are available from our on-line store, or generally available at most electronics stores.

VividVision software made available for download by Vivid Medical is intended only to facilitate ease of integration and use of our USB video devices with the customer's already owned computer system. The software download and integration is recommended and intended to be performed by knowledgeable and responsible IT staff of the medical organization. Please note that VividVision is not by itself a Medical Grade software, and has no compliance to any medical directives, or standards. VividVision software does not save any patient records or otherwise provide any software code restriction to assure HIPPA compliance. User's are encouraged to have the medical organization's IT department check the hardware and software platform compatibility, as well as define the specification and requirements for any computer system to be used with Vivid Medical products.

- Automatic USB device detection and video display upon connection of VividTrac device
- Ability to take screen Snapshot of the video image
- Ability to Record video of the entire procedure
- Saves capture recorded video in compressed (.mp4) format
- Immediate view of Captured Media in the Image Gallery
- Auto Date and Time stamp of the captured media
- Displays Battery Charge % Level
- Displays Free Storage %

User Configuration Options:
- Auto-Record the procedure upon connection of VividTrac device
- Custom captured media file name TAG option
- Open application in Full Screen mode

Supported Platforms:
VividVision is supported on Android 4.4 and 5.0 devices only. Supported devices are the Google Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, Samsung S3, Samsung S4 and Samsung S5. Any other device must be tested in order to be certified. Please do not report issues on Android versions 4.3 and earlier releases, since these devices are not supported.

Official compatibility list:
- Android 9: Samsung Note 9
- Android 5.0[1-2]: Google Nexus 5/7/9, Moto G
- Android 4.4[2-4]: Samsung S3/S4/S5

Please strictly refer to the above list since, for instance, S4 is supported but S4 mini is not, because of lack of support of USB OTG connections.

About Us:
Vivid Medical EU, a subsidiary of Vivid Medical Inc., provides and distributes the video application software (VividVision).

What's New in this version

Added support for Android 9. Updated code to target newer Android SDK for improved security and peformance.