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April 25, 2012
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About Radio FM 90s

Reporting animals works ANYWHERE in Yellowstone National Park! No cell network necessary. Your sightings are saved and uploaded as soon as a cell network becomes available.
Going to Yellowstone? Get the app! The Yellowstone Where's A Bear app allows you to get the very most out of your visit to one of America's most popular and legendary natural attractions.
Because the sheer enormity of Yellowstone can be as overwhelming as its beauty, visitors commonly miss out on some of the park's essential attractions, such as its abundant wildlife.
Where's A Bear has been created by seasoned Yellowstone enthusiasts who have learned through experience that your mobile phone needs the right kind of app to make your Yellowstone experience that much more unforgettable.

Be sure to maximize your Yellowstone vacation time (and money) with the following Where's A Bear app features:

* Up-to-the-second animal sightings with alerts, including bears (of course!), and also wolves, elk, moose, deer, bald eagles and more.
* Report your own animal sightings for others to know about and let everyone know about it on Facebook!
* Trends show you where most animal sightings occur.
* The Old Faithful Countdown, which will let you know when the world famous geyser will be erupting next.
* Extensive offline maps that allow you to find the closest facilities to meet your needs, such as hotels, restrooms, souvenir shops, convenience stores, boat ramps, post offices, courtrooms, medical and emergency services, and more.

Although the unpredictable aspects of nature give Yellowstone much of its appeal, the creators of Where's A Bear have learned that visitors can enjoy nature that much more by eliminating some of the guesswork. With Where's A Bear, your Yellowstone adventure is guaranteed to be better than you'd hoped it would be!

What's New in this version

Added many more trailheads.

Bug fixes for upgrading the app from one version to the next.