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Wizard Cards International Inc.
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1.0.141127 (Updated)
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November 29, 2014
Android 2.2 and up
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  • WIZARD Score Pad Screenshot
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  • WIZARD Score Pad Screenshot
  • WIZARD Score Pad Screenshot
  • WIZARD Score Pad Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

The official Android score keeping application for the card game Wizard.

This application is design to be displayed while the game is in progress so all users can easily see the current scores and bids. The application is best used on a 7"or larger tablet so that everybody at the table can see the scores/bids. the application will function on smaller devices, but will not be as useful for allowing everybody to see the display.

* Current round scores and bids are displayed in the largest text possible so they can be easily read by all player at a table.
* Main application screen does not time out. Be sure to exit the main screen after the game in order to preserve battery life.
* Application keeps up with the current dealer (displayed in yellow)
* Highest score is displayed in green
* Traditional score sheet may be viewed from the main screen
* Player bids are automatically selected when submitting bids for the round
* Past rounds may be corrected from the traditional score sheet by pressing the round button
* Past player names are recorded and presented to the user for selection
* Normal game mode, 1 to 10, and 1 to 10 to 1 are supported
* 3-6 Players
* High scores are recorded

What's New in this version

Main screen is immediately refreshed if bids or tricks taken are updated on the score sheet screen. It was only refreshing after new bids were entered

Game state is saved so game can be completed later even if the application shuts down or the device is restarted.

High scores added.

Bidding screen simplified. Changed from radio buttons to buttons which turn yellow when selected.

Hopefully fixed main screen so scrolling is no longer needed on some devices in order to view all players