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September 17, 2016
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About Radio FM 90s

A game that challenges your attention and reasoning ability.
Puzzle education where you learn playing.

Collaborate with this educational campaign, it is very easy, just leave your evaluation and / or review. This way you help spread it is very important contribution knew?

"Please contribute to this work by adding a review and rating it.
Thus, we can millions of people participate in this important cause. "

For children age literacy, this game / hobby, will assist the establishment of learning.
A great additional resource for education, it deals with it in a playful manner.
Social inclusion.
Importantly, in addition to the didactic question, this feature also has the ability to arouse the interest and importance to social responsibility issues such as the need for
knowing how to communicate with deaf / dumb people. The learning of sign languages such as Japanese Signal Language, makes it possible to include such people more broadly, the greater the number of people
able to perform this type of communication format.

A game where your strategic skills are put to test so you can break records and more records.

There are 3 game levels (3x3 - 4x4 - 5x5), for each level you have an individual time control, thus allowing levels to be played independently.
This game in particular introduces a new feature, gameplay, the "fire test", which aims to reinforce learning Pounds.

The series of games KebraKoko aims pure fun but with content that contribute to enhanced learning.

Games puzzle reasoning is far more important than agility and physical strength

Solve puzzles can be very good for the brain because it requires the formalization and use of strategies to position the parts. In addition, the puzzles are useful to improve the concentration of children, adolescents and adults.

Children solve puzzles together with other children tend to act socially to share strategies to address more effectively the puzzles. After solve a puzzle, our brain releases incentives to reward work and this means that we have the will to face new challenges.

What's New in this version

Set on screen adaptations for different devices and resolutions.

Adapted to resolution equal to 800x480 or higher..