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About Radio FM 90s

Hi, today is a beautiful day and we thought we could create the most beautiful story of life, namely we have decided to talk about the life of a baby who would become a lovely young. We want to watch its evolution step by step but we can not do this only with your help and your first task is to participate to the wedding of your friend. In this kids care game you have the most important role and you will have to learn everything child needs and help him whenever needed. We know that you will become very good friends, you will play together and will definitely entertain you well through this life story game. You will be able to use the finest skills, attention is the most important. You'll be able to play with us every day, you will like to prove to everyone that you're a great friend. You go to the park, surely that is your favorite place, and there you will meet other kids your age.
Each stage of life the child is important and you have to pay attention to every thing for the girls game to have a final that we wish you will have to follow all instructions.

- It is summer and the two young people are in the park. Christian asks Mary to be her wife;
- They must organzize wedding;
- You'll have to choose a nice restaurant;
- Then you have to do the invitations;
- Send invitations to all their friends;
- The wedding was very beautiful;
- A few months after wedding Mary is pregnant;
- Now it must give birth in hospital;
- You have to do ultrasound;
- Check heartbeat;
- Then you have to do anesthesia;
- The child was born;
- You should check weight and height;
- The child is healthy;
- It can go home with his mother;
- Now you have to prepare the room for the baby;
- Clean the dust;
- Collect garbage;
- Arrange furniture;
- Clean windows;
- Choose the most beautiful draperies;
- The room is very beautiful;
- After several months the parents have to go to work and you will have to take care of their child;
- Fill the tub with hot water;
- Add foam;
- Wash her hair with shampoo for children;
- You will then need to dry hair;
- You then go shopping;
- Choose fresh fruits and vegetables;
- Buy milk;
- Into the morning the girl is not feeling well, it needs a doctor;
- You should check if she has fever;
- Then check heartbeats;
- Give her some cold syrup;
- Girl feels better;
- You have to prepare breakfast;
- Girl wants milk and fruit;
- The time has come for a ride in amusement park;
- The little girl wants to go to the zoo;
- Animals are beautiful;
- The little girl wants to go on a picnic with her parents;
- You'll have to help her to make luggage;
- Set up the tent;
- Light the fire;
- Arrange food;
- After lunch you will have to collect garbage;
- Is approaching the birthday of girl;
- You have to make the most delicious cake;
- In a bowl you must add: water, flour, milk, eggs and oil. Mix well;
- Add chocolate and fruit;
- Enter the cake in the oven;
- Prepare cream;
- The cake looks great, you are a very good cook.

Thanks for all the help offered, please come back every day through this cooking game for kids.

Have fun!

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