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Dr. DEborah Gilmour
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January 23, 2015
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Regardless of what you may be facing in your personal or professional life that is causing you any level of stress or anxiety, the 3 Minute Chill will calm you..allowing you to face your fears with a composed and serene mindset.Just some of the stressors for which the 3 Minute Chill is capable of managing include : Be willing to close your eyes at let go for a few minutes. Be willing to open your eyes to a welcomed sense of calm, aware stillness and revitalization.

How can you use the 3 Min Chill ?

Calm nerves before a test
Public speaking
Meetings at work
Stressful relationships
To fall asleep easier
Aid in meditation
To clear your mind
To reduce general anxiety
To reduce social anxiety
To reduce stress
To reduce high blood pressure
To use during a panic attack to reduce/eliminate
Calm the nerves
PTSD clearing the mind, reduce stress
To cope better with difficult situations
Reduce fears and phobias: heights, flying, bugs, animals, claustrophobia, etc…
Before asking someone out on a date
Use with children: anxiety over school, when scared at night, 1st day of school, all the challenges that children face-can be like a game for them
Learn from the recording, use in group settings: To get the entire group on the same page, relaxed and focused, use on your audience
Before 1st events: Use before your first skydive, ocean dive, first flight, first day of school, going off to college, any challenging situation
Better sex, more relaxed, remove inhibitions
Use after a stressful event: Getting yelled at from the boss or spouse, car accident or getting cut off in traffic…
Manage grief. After a loved one dies use this to calm the mind and find piece
Feel better if struggling with depression
Before surgery
Dentists, nurses, and doctors can use this for their patients to improve treatment

The 3MinChill is the invaluable tool for the app world today. The hustle bustle and demands of everyday life make the 3MinChill a necessity for all.

"As a neuropsychologist, I work with children and see their anxiety and stress first hand, whether it is from being overwhelmed with homework, transitioning from high school to college or general every day stress. Using the 3MinChill can give them a tool to use throughout the day. They can take a few minutes for themselves and the 3MinChill will deliver. Relaxed and refreshed. Through this app they will get back to whatever they are doing with a more positive attitude and increased success. I recommend it most highly to anyone who suffers from anxiety. It would be most helpful for students before taking an exam, going for a first interview or at times in life in which you need to present yourself in a calm, confident manner. The 3MinChill will get your focus on what you needs to de-stress! Dr. Cristina L. Ciocca Clinical Neuropsychologist

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