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December 02, 2013
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  • 1/268を打って勝つ人負ける人 Screenshot
  • 1/268を打って勝つ人負ける人 Screenshot
  • 1/268を打って勝つ人負ける人 Screenshot
  • 1/268を打って勝つ人負ける人 Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

「4000G BIG 15 (1/266.66)REG 15 (1/266.66)」あなたならどちらの台を打ちますか?それとも打ちませんか?


本書では 「高設定の確率の台を打ってもなかなか結果が出ない」という方の声にお応えして、収支向上の肝となる「打つ打たないの判断力」に重きを置いて執筆いたしました。




合計 +3,165,300円/247日(12,814円/月)

2014年7月 +85,000円/6日
2014年6月 +31,000円/3日
2014年5月 +152,000円/12日
2014年4月 +45,000円/5日
2014年3月 +74,000円/6日
2014年2月 +53,000/5日
2014年1月 +64,000/7日
2013年12月 +134,800円/11日
2013年11月 +115,500円/9日
2013年10月 +107,000円/8日
2013年9月 +71,000円/7日
2013年8月 +181,500円/11日
2013年7月 +197,500円/6日
2013年6月 +132,000円/8日
2013年5月 +110,000円/7日
2013年4月 +123,500円/8日
2013年3月 +113,000円/8日
2013年2月 +126,500円/8日
2013年1月 +99,500円/11日
2012年12月 +77,000円/11日
2012年11月 +154,000円/8日
2012年10月 +100,500円/3日
2012年9月 +135,000円/19日
2012年8月 +140,500円/26日
2012年7月 +295,000円/21日
2012年6月 +246,500円/24日


━1/268を打って勝つ人負ける人━ ~目次~




━━━━━━━[Problem] There was a free base of I'm juggler to store B and A stores. Data both
Do you hit the base of either "4000G BIG 15 (1/266.66) REG 15 (1/266.66)" would you? Or is it not out?

Pachinko Pachislot magazine I would come out!] Nagasaki Shogo Author of the column in the middle of writing in WEB version]
The third installment of the sequel specific positioning was Dada who was very popular "technology 1 eat in the juggler" and "2"!

In response to the voice of the people "fail to get a result it hard to hit the base of the probability of high-setting" and, Written by placing the emphasis on the "judgment of not struck strike" at the heart of the balance of payments improved in this document I did it.

The number describes the point to be worried about if the person who hit the juggler further. Evaluation of "juggler for All".

I hope you read to fit "technology 1 eat in the juggler" and "2" before Author, when you can to help improve the balance of payments.

It is to be noted that only hit the juggler series of Pachi basically, the author of this app is to raise the balance of the following.

Total Tasu3,165,300 yen / 247 days (12,814 yen / month)

Tasu85,000 yen / the 6th July 2014
+31,000 Yen / the 3rd June 2014
Tasu152,000 yen / the 12th May 2014
Tasu45,000 yen / the 5th April 2014
Tasu74,000 yen / the 6th March 2014
Tasu53,000 / the 5th February 2014
January Tasu64,000 / 7, 2014
Tasu134,800 yen / the 11th December 2013
Tasu115,500 yen / the 9th November 2013
Tasu107,000 yen / the 8th October 2013
Tasu71,000 yen / 7 September 2013
Tasu181,500 yen / the 11th August 2013
Tasu197,500 yen / the 6th July 2013
Tasu132,000 yen / the 8th June 2013
Tasu110,000 yen / 7 May 2013
Tasu123,500 yen / the 8th April 2013
Tasu113,000 yen / the 8th March 2013
Tasu126,500 yen / the 8th February 2013
Tasu99,500 yen / the 11th January 2013
Tasu77,000 yen / the 11th December 2012
Tasu154,000 yen / the 8th November 2012
Tasu100,500 yen / the 3rd October 2012
Tasu135,000 yen / the 19th September 2012
Tasu140,500 yen / the 26th August 2012
Tasu295,000 yen / the 21st July 2012
Tasu246,500 yen / the 24th June 2012

I hope that the balance of the one that had you read this book, will be ever-increasing.

People ━ ━ ~ Table of Contents ~ to lose people win and hit the 1/268

- Introduction
• Why do you lose even hit the table of REG1/268
· A table on which exceeds the set 6?
• Do not escape from the law of large numbers
· I should throw away the set of 5 Aijagu?
• Setting guess deferred only
• There is Peka-ra next game replay?
· Gakkun check several pieces hanging?
· Tricks to Gakkun check in three
· How to aim Cherry destination announcement during
Cherry duplicate what help you configure guess
• Before you jump to small changes
-I beat stickiness in some circumstances even if the probability bad
• The immediate stop at the Grand Opening of the first day
• There is good and bad to grand opening
-Juggler of everyone whether Kueru?
· Do you have customers who will lose?
· To process thinking from thinking results
-Fun slot piled up that the high setting
· Rather than reduce the loss, to extend the win!
• Why belly or stand it's REG I Pekah
· Break from thinking BIG overemphasis
-Beyond the power of the striker is "brome"
Strike-hand side micro, macro Hall side
Count of grapes whether such a shame
Your own, losing by remote control, others win
• The regain defeated You do not need 's today
· Should decide the upper limit of the amount of investment
· Surplus of funds, leading to calm judgment
· Day-to-postscript Pachi is eaten Casino

━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━
"It was not able to download the (application name) ● ● for download error has occurred (error has occurred in the information getting from the server [RPC: AEC-0: S-5].)." Appears and

It seems appropriate application is not the cause, phenomenon that can not be downloaded Re is, to be due to your terminal. You can search in the net [RPC:: S-5 AEC-0], contact to the terminal companies providing available

Please have together.
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

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