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October 02, 2017
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  • Rescue 911 Fire Truck – Real City Heroes Screenshot
  • Rescue 911 Fire Truck – Real City Heroes Screenshot
  • Rescue 911 Fire Truck – Real City Heroes Screenshot
  • Rescue 911 Fire Truck – Real City Heroes Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Hey firefighting hero! Its 911 Emergency in urban city town so wear your fire fighter suit before you steer the wheel … so make your fighter team ready with Fire brigade for ultimate rescue mission. All this savior package is readily available in Rescue 911 Fire Truck – Real City Heroes. Be realistic superheroes with best urban graphics to save people who are victim of bursting fires in a building and are in a dire need of keen eye to help them. Be a fireman and patrol in city streets to respond to SOS call from innocent lives .. who are trying to survive hell’s monstrous fire or lava floor ..which is ready to swallow them and turn in ashes .. so take less transportation time. Rush past in busy city streets to be heroic man to rescue missions.

A new water transporter truck for firefighting missions for heroic driver

Extinguishing equipment has been installed in Rescue 911 Fire fighter Truck and its your job to use parking and racing skills in this free engine sim which is ready to be steered in busy city roads or to be taken to highway. All you have to do is use crazy driving modes to be 4x4 ultra fire fighter lorry … and save civilians from demise. Use extinguishing skills to save houses from thrashing and also burning buildings from collapsing. Just turn on the fire siren and steer brigades to burning skyscrapers. Yes do take backup firemen as sometimes it wont be a single 4x4 lorry job to extinguish flames with single water hose .. or save survivors from offices .. so do take help from fire department. Do not make monstrous fire overpower your capabilities.

Rescue 911 Fire Truck – Be Real City Heroes in a virtual man:

- Smooth simulation with realistic controls
- Cool rescuing fire trucks
- Real firefighting missions
- City heroic terrains
- 4x4 fire fighter truck
- Multiple city emergency situations

In disastrous situations .. take truck simulator to fight hell fire with people stuck in buildings. Respond to Rescue 911 fire truck & reach before ringing alarm stops.

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